Ruby on Rails : Cheat Sheet

Recently we’ve been messing with a lot of Ruby on Rails projects and have compiled a list of helpful tips and cheatsheet shortcuts for Ruby and Ruby on Rails developers.

Ruby on Rails is extremely handy for its ability to save a ton of time during development.

However, having the right info available to make development a breeze is important! This cheat sheet was written to help ease-along that convenient development path.

The next few pages have several tips for troubleshooting things you may run into during your early foray into Ruby on Rails.

Helpful tips, troubleshooting, recommended configurations, and best practices. This lil guide has it all!

We’ll also keep adding to it as the years go on, so check back for updated versions.


Read on for the tips, and we hope you find them helpful!



Table of Contents


Welcome to Ruby on Rails


MySQL and Ruby on Rails


Error while installing mysql2 gem on Ubuntu 12.04

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