What is Affiliate Marketing?

A lot of people recommend products and services to their friends.

Have you ever thought it’d be cool to get a “cut” of the action when a transaction takes place from your referral?

That’s exactly what affiliate marketing is.

It’s basically you getting a split of the commission, a portion of the sale’s profit, for making the deal happen.

By driving visitors to product websites and landing pages geared specifically at selling consumers a product, you can reap substantial profits.

It brings a whole new meaning to the old saying, “work smart, not hard.”

People are making their entire yearly salaries and building whole lifestyles and real businesses on this concept and highly rewarding business model.

With all good things, though, there is a flip-side, and cruel reality. With potential for high profits, and somewhat obfuscated circumstances, there is a lot of fraud in the affiliate marketing industry, on both the publisher, advertiser, and even the consumer side at times.

It’s a highly risky venture at times, and you need to approach it as such. Do your research, be informed, and make good decisions.

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